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Marblehead's Opportunities and Challenges 

Marblehead is a special town with a hardworking, dedicated and proud community that is fortunate enough to be surrounded by incredible natural beauty. In my role as selectman, I look forward to having the opportunity to support our department leaders and town boards to help ensure our businesses, schools, facilities and everything we hold so dear thrives for years to come. I believe if you are willing to work together, you can accomplish that goal. Below are a few key challenges and opportunities facing Marblehead.



There will be many challenges coming out of a pandemic. We will need to reinvest in our community and find ways to support and encourage local commerce now more than ever. 

  • Support existing businesses 
  • Encourage new business growth 
  • Local recovery plan



Marblehead is a treasure. It has a rich history and we need to protect it in the short and long term. Maintaining what we have and planning for the future needs as well. 

  • Address existing roadways and sidewalks
  • Municipal buildings
  • Setting aside capital for future maintenance


We are a coastal town. We need to continue planning for the challenges of an ever-changing environment.

  • Storm surge flooding
  • Coastal erosion
  • High winds
  • Utility pole assessments
  • Vulnerable roads, sea walls, and storm drains 


Continuing the work on a transparent budget that highlights goals and outcomes. Citizens deserve clarity on what our immediate and long-term plans are for the town. 

  • Continue to work on qualifying for a distinguished budget award
  • Planning for the future as well as the daily needs
  • Explore grants and other opportunities to offset costs to the taxpayer
  • Address the reliance on free cash (rainy day fund) and the concerning low balance 



As someone who has owned electric and hybrid vehicles for over 15 years I am concerned about our resources and encourage Marblehead to be on the forefront of new opportunities.

  • Plans for maintaining and expanding open space 
  • Protecting our natural resources, parks, and conservation land
  • Supporting a greener Marblehead (trees, open space, bike lanes)
  • Exploring sources of renewable energy


  • Technology needs for staff and school buildings 
  • Long-term planning for upcoming needs 
  • Building maintenance and repairs


  • Recognize the increasing demographic of our senior population
  • Support the Housing Implementation and Fair Housing Committees 
  • Explore new opportunities to support affordable housing for all demographics



Elected officials represent the citizens and the only way to do that is to hear their voices. 

  • Continued zoom meetings access (if authorized by the state)
  • Encourage public feedback and equal access to all citizens
  • Access to town leadership
  • Master list of open positions
  • Support more community involvement on town boards


COVID-19 identified wide gaps in our technology infrastructure highlighting a lack of 21st century technology for the town. We need to address this and make sure we are working towards improvements for hardware and bandwidth issues as well as the existing equipment. 


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