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"I worked on the Coffin Gerry PTO with Alexa for many years. We worked together to fundraise and run small and large events. Dedicated to solving both short and long-term problems, Alexa works hard for equitable solutions whenever possible. She is approachable; always listening to new thoughts and ideas. Alexa will be an asset to Marblehead." 

 Julie Peach, Marblehead resident

 "Alexa was my boss for several years when I worked as an educator in the Aviation Department. As a supervisor and department leader she communicates clearly and is always accessible to her staff and students. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance the program. After taking over the program she created a 5 year program analysis which included a long term planning component. She is forward thinking and leads with a strong sense of integrity and concern for all her students and staff. It was a pleasure working for her." 

 Skip McLean, Aviation professor/former United Airlines Pilot

"Alexa Singer is exactly what Marblehead needs to move forward. Marblehead is a wonderful community. We need someone with Alexa’s leadership skills and out of the box thinking to help this town solve its ongoing issues. She isn’t afraid to question whether doing things the old way is really the best way, now. But she also recognizes that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. She will take all aspects into careful consideration. As a co-coach for Odyssey of the Mind for Marblehead Community Center, I worked with Alexa on many projects and always appreciated her collaborative approach. One of the many things that I find so impressive about Alexa is that she is always open minded, and willing to hear all sides of a discussion. She also moves seamlessly between leader and part of the team. I saw this when she was the President of the Coffin-Gerry PTO. As the head of an Aviation Department, she continues to improve our world by educating and creating safe professional pilots. I’m constantly impressed at how much time she focuses on our community while also working as a pilot and educator. There is no question of her dedication to our community. She is always available to talk, and most importantly, listen. Alexa is not afraid to ask the hard questions and she will go the extra mile to find solutions. She is not just making promises about what she will deliver, she has already been delivering for Marblehead for years. She has my vote."

Patrice Helmuth, Community Center Odyssey of the Mind / Marblehead resident 

"Hi my name is Jenny and I attended Tower School. I am currently a freshman at Tabor Academy and am playing at the varsity level of soccer here and could not have done any of it without the help of Coach Singer. Coach Singer has been my soccer coach for as long as I can remember. She has been one of my biggest role models and influences in my life. In practices and games she knows how to make it a fun and inclusive environment for every player on the team. She gives the best advice and has helped me grow as a player and as a person over the years. She helped me learn my strengths and weaknesses as a player and showed me how I can work on the skills that weren’t my strong suits. I used to referee games for MYSA and whenever I was there reffing games, I would see Coach pull up in her car packed to the top with extra soccer balls, cones, ladders, pinnies, water, and of course her folding chairs. Her folding chairs went everywhere as she is always there supporting young players. Coach would always provide us with a team dinner at the start of each season so we can meet the players that were new to us. You always felt as a player she cared about every single player on the team. She wanted all of us to succeed, not just a few select players. She is an amazing multitasker and is always on top of everything. Coach is such a strong woman, mom, pilot, role model, leader, and overall an amazing person to be around on the field. At the beginning of COVID, I was so sad to hear that our season was being canceled as I was so excited to have that final season with her and finish off my final season with MYSA. Coach Singer will always be one of the people that made me who I am today."

Jenny Aikman, MYSA Soccer Player 2011-2020

"Alexa took the lead on installing a working communications system in the Coffin School while my daughter was attending second and third grade. She is a force of competence and tenacity and can be trusted to make a positive difference and to get things done.  

My daughter was diagnosed in the second grade with Type 1 Diabetes. Her new diagnosis meant that her blood sugar could drop quickly and lead to seizures, coma, or death without immediate intervention. It took two years before her young body would start to recognize the feeling of low blood sugars. During these first two years she was attending the Coffin School and the alarm on her constant glucose monitor would alert the staff to call for the nurse. It was imperative for my daughter that the teachers in her classroom, those on recess duty, and the gym teacher could instantly get in touch with the nurse. There were multiple occasions when I was physically in the nurse's office waiting to administer a syringe of insulin before lunch or snack and the walkie talkie would alert the nurse that she was needed on the playground. The nurse would grab her medical bag and whoosh out the door. 

The aging school’s intercom had become unreliable and this was brought to the attention of Alexa, the PTO president at the time. Alexa agreed to take on the task of raising funds, coordinating with Marblehead Police, and overseeing this safety project. I’m grateful to Alexa for going beyond the duties of the PTO and for securing a safe school environment for all the children and one that would ultimately keep my daughter safe. It is no surprise that Alexa Singer spearheaded a solution. She was always involved with creating a better environment for the students and staff.  This is just one example of the good things that come about with Alexa Singer at the helm. Thank you so much Alexa, you have my vote!"

Katie Freedman, Marblehead resident       

 "I worked with Alexa while our daughters were in Coffin School together and she was the President of the Coffin Gerry PTO for several years. As a concerned parent, I originally went to the Marblehead Public Schools Superintendent to address a security issue at the Coffin and Gerry Schools and ask for help. The administration at the time told me they were unable to fund the request and could not help. Frustrated by the lack of response and concerned for the children and staff I contacted Alexa. She immediately agreed to help. She collaborated with Marblehead Police, the Coffin Gerry PTO, school principal, and the facilities director with Marblehead Public Schools to ensure there was a system installed and funded. Alexa worked through the spring and summer to ensure we had a new security system in place within six months. She is an excellent listener and advocate. She is tenacious when she needs to be and an excellent leader."

Lisa G., Marblehead resident 




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